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Docket Information

Hale County - Jury Week - July 23, 2024 

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
1 B22325-2303
B22326-2303 &
State v. John Carr Gravelle II DA/ Troy Bollinger
2 B22317-2305 State v. James Dee Carroll DA/ Troy Bollinger
B22344-2305 State v. Johnny Robert Lopez DA/ Don Snodgrass
2 A22399-2308 State v. Cesar Guerrero DA/ Chase Diethrich

Swisher County - Jury Week - August 13, 2024

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
1   B-4993-23-07  State v. Kashanna Meegan Greenlee  CA/ Bart Pruitt
1   B-5013-23-12 &
 State v. Christopher Shane Sepeda  CA/ Bryan Johnston
 2   B-4994-23-07  State v. Mari Laine Jorg  CA/ Bryan Johnston
2   B-5012-23-12  State v. Terry Lee Mock  CA/ Chuck Lanehart
3  A-4830-20-08  State v. Brian Alan Harper CA/ David Enos

Castro County Jury Docket - October 8, 2024

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
1 B4339-2312 State v. Mario Fuentez CA/ Bryan Johnston
2 B4336-2312 State v. Henry Chavarria CA/ Troy Bollinger
3 B4304-2307 State v. Jamie Montiel CA/ Mickie Patterson
4 B4318-2310 State v. Jesus Martinez CA/ Bailey Sapien
5 B4323-2310 State v. Raquel Barrios CA/ Bailey Sapien
6 B4333-2312 State v. Matthew Job Fuentez CA/ Brooks Barfield
7 B4337-2312 State v. Annette Zambrano a/k/a Annette Garibaldi CA/ Troy Bollinger
8 A4371-2406 State v. Francisco Villalobos CA/ Bailey Sapien