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Docket Information

Hale County - Jury Week - October 17, 2023 

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
1 B22053-2202 State v. Jerry Lee DeLeon DA/ Laurie Key
2 B21741-2103 State v. Tory Lynn Leatherwood DA/ Isaias Solorzano
3 B22083-2205 &
State v. Ezequel Castaneda DA/ David Guinn
4 B22323-2303 &
State v. Max Andrew Soto DA/ Troy Bollinger
4 B22330-2305
B22332-2305 &
State v. Aseigh Octavouis Mosley DA/ Ethan Murphy

Swisher County - Jury Week - December 5, 2023

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
       1   B-4991-23-07  State v. Chase Marvin Juvenal  CA/ Bryan Johnston
       2   B-4970-22-12  State v. Jordan Powell  CA/ Don Snodgrass
       3   B-4958-22-09  State v. Kenneth Ray Powell  CA/ Taryn Minter

Castro County Jury Docket - October 9, 2023

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
       1 A4100-2009  & A4125-2106 State v. Francisco Martinez DA/ Ethan Murphy
       2  B4249-2208 State v. Francisco Villalobos CA/ Bryan Johnston