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Docket Information

Hale County - Jury Week - June 12, 2023 

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
1 A22178-2209 & A22179-2209 State v. Corey Lee Webster DA/ Bryan Johnston
2 B21744-2103 &
State v. Juan Carlos Cabral Tapia DA/ Dale Stemple

Swisher County - Jury Week - May 9, 2023

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
       1  B4954-22-09 &   B4967-22-12  State v. Erica Koren Moore  CA/ Bryan Johnston
       2  B4962-22-10  State v. Allison Kay Baxter  CA/ Adam Tisdell
       3  B4963-22-10  State v. Charity Stanette Kelly  CA/ Bart Pruitt
       4  B4951-22-07 &
State v. Juan Gabriel Vazquez  CA/ Don Snodgrass

Castro County Jury Docket - June 6, 2023

Cause No. Style of Case Attorneys
     1 B4176-2111 State v. Paul Jimenez Flores CA/ Ethan Murphy
     1 B4228-2207 State v. Priscilla Rodriguez CA/ Ethan Murphy
     2 B4221-2207 State v. Francisco Hernandez Chavez CA/ Laurie Key
     2 B4231-2207 State v. Noel Alvarez CA/ Bryan Johnston
     5 B4236-2207 State v. Jason Starkey CA/ Troy Bollinger
     2 B4241-2208 & B4242-2208 State v. Jonathan Sawyer Martin CA/ Bryan Johnston
     3 B4055-1912 State v. Paul Christopher Reyes CA/ Bart Pruitt
     4 B4233-2207 B4234-2207 & A4253-2301 State v. Deanna Birdwell CA/ Bart Pruitt